Hope artists have in the midst of quarantine ――
Talk with Russian artists participating in Ichihara Art x Mix

(in a clockwise from the center)Fram Kitagawa, Wakana Kono, Leonid Tishkov, Alexander Ponomarev, Tanya Badanina, Vladimir Nasedkin, Ichihara Art x Mix Executive Committee

How do artists feel about the current situation? What do they think? What are they trying to do? General Director, Fram Kitagawa sets up online interview series with international artists participating in Ichihara Art x Mix 2020, which has been postponed to next year.
The first interviewees are four Russian artists (Alexander Ponomarev, Tanya Badanina, Vladimir Tanya Badanina,  Leonid Tishkov), who went through the severe restrictions in the former Soviet Union era.
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