TODO ’s solo exhibition : Chikuho-Coal
2020, June 19 (Fri) - July 26 (Sun)

Art Front Galley is pleased to launch TODO`s solo exhibition : Chikuho-Coal

 On the cut fragments from places around the world, TODO embeds glass between them and polishes them. His works physically absorb light and make visible memories of places accumulated for long time. For this exhibition, TODO manipulated the rocks he had collected on the streets in Chikuho, the area known for the coal mining supporting the modernization of Japan, and recalls the memory of the place which is being forgotten.

TODO [Chikuho Coal #07] photo by Eiji Ina

Date:  June 19th (Fri) – July 26th, 2020 (Sun)  
Time:  Wed-Fri 12:00~19:00
     Sat, Sun, Holidays 11:00~17:00
     Monday, Tuesday Closed

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