To all those who have a heart for Suzu

Art Front Gallery has set up a page on our website to inform and support the situation in Suzu.

The Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred on January 1 caused extensive damage to the city of Suzu, and we would like to report on the damage as of January 16 as below:

The number of dead: 99; injured: 145; missing: 4
Number of evacuees: 2,796
Housing damage: Numerous
Water and sewage systems have been completely shut down, and electricity has been partially shut down.
(*According to the Crisis Management Supervisory Office of Ishikawa Prefecture)

In the hardest-hit areas, about 90% of buildings have been completely or almost completely destroyed, and roads in the city have been cut off everywhere. The Oku Noto Triennale office has also been damaged by the tsunami.

We have been informed that people in Suzu are encouraged by the people who are concerned about their safety and are in personal contact with each other. We are planning to conduct inspections about the damage to the artworks and facilities, while watching the progress of lifesaving and lifeline restoration. We will also call out to you if there is any collective action.

We have received many words of encouragement and offers of support from the artists, supporters, and visitors involved in the Art Festival. Thank you very much. We will continue to report on the situation in order to link everyone’s thoughts and feelings toward Suzu to the local reconstruction efforts.
We appreciate your offers to donate, but if you would like to contribute, please make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund account of Suzu City.

Fram Kitagawa
General Director, Oku-Noto Triennale

Damage in Suzu
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